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Underfloor Heating

Underfoor heating (UFH) runs at lower temperatures than radiators, making it ideal with heat pumps, which generate lower temperatures (the lower the temperature the higher the efficiency). The design takes into consideration the heat source, as Underfloor heating can also be installed with a conventional boiler.

Underfloor heating is very effective in heating buildings with high ceilings such as barn conversions, commercial office or retail units or older style properties, because the heat rises from the entire floor occupants feel very comfortable.

Underfloor Heating is also available in overlay systems using insulated boards that the pipe sits in, some of these systems are as low as 12mm.

We offer a full design service along with honest advice; we also stock most components through bulk buying which helps keep our prices competitive.

We have years of experience with the design and installation of underfloor heating systems, our systems feature MLCP pipe this pipe is formed by bonding layers of plastic and aluminum the result is a highly versatile pipe that can be formed into and retain complex shapes. Once the pipe is laid, fixed and connected to the distribution manifolds we pressure test the entire installation and provide a signed certificate for the client or agent to witness, this provides peace of mind for all parties.

The systems are controlled by sleek and stylish touchscreen thermostats in a choice of colours to match your style.

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