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The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme - RHI

The aim of the RHI is to increase heat generation from renewable energy to 12%. This could save up to 60 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020. Heating currently accounts for 47% of the UK’s CO2 emissions and 60% of average domestic energy bills.

The UK has one of the lowest contributions from renewable heat of all EU countries. Sweden produces half of its heat from renewables and the EU average is over 10%.

You want to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, become more self-sufficient in energy, and earn some extra income. The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government-backed measure introduced in 2011 to pay consumers back the additional money they have invested for installing a low carbon heating system.

We need to accelerate drastically the pace of the switch to renewables

- Greg Barker

Domestic RHI

For domestic customers the payments are based upon the predicted energy usage of your home taken from an Energy Performance Certificate. The payments are made for seven years and are index linked plus tax free.

The domestic RHI application is a straightforward process conducted online to the OFGEM website, we offer advice for this and if required can take you through the process to a successful application.

Current domestic RHI per kWh rates for the technologies we install are:

  • Ground source heat pumps 19.10p
  • Air source heat pumps 7.42p
  • Solar thermal 19.51p

Non Domestic RHI

The Non Domestic RHI is paid over twenty years to reflect the larger investment a business makes and because industry produces higher carbon levels.

The process is far more complex and time consuming and it can be quite daunting when first encountered, we provide all necessary information within a handover pack so that a business can undertake their own application or alternatively we can work with you through the process or even act as your agent undertaking the procedure on your behalf leaving you free to get on running your business.

Current commercial RHI tariffs per kWh for the technologies we install are:

  • Ground source heat pumps 8.84p
  • Air source heat pumps 2.54p
  • Biomass 3.76p

For further information visit the Ofgem website here.

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