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MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

What Is A Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

As our modern homes and buildings become more energy efficient they also become more airtight so we introduce forced ventilation through a ductwork system running continuously from low energy fans to provide the fresh air we require to live comfortably and to reduce moisture and mould forming within the building, this works alongside an extraction system removing moist warm air from kitchens, bathrooms, showers etc. The ventilation unit filters the incoming air and removes any pollutants and insects.

By using the extracted air from the wet room areas the warm stale air is continuously drawn out and filtered back through to the ventilation unit where the heat from this air is exchanged with the fresh incoming air.

As the clean fresh air is warmed by the exhausted damp stale air up to 97% of the heat can be recovered which will be off set against heating costs and will reduce heating bills. These systems help the property to a higher energy efficiency rating and comply with current building regulations.

The Benefits of MVHR

  • Constant clean, fresh filtered air reduces symptoms for asthma and allergy suffers
  • Improves indoor air quality throughout
  • Contributes to the energy efficiency of the home
  • Enhances heat distribution
  • Reduces/ eliminates surface condensation
  • Eliminates mould and mildew.
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Removes musty odours

How Is It Installed?

A MVHR system is a bespoke design for each specific property and should only be installed by an approved installer. Two types of system can be used depending on the building and its design, either ridgid ductwork installed as a ‘branch’ system with each room connected to one common duct, alternatively a ‘radial’ system using individual semi ridgid ductwork supplied from central manifolds in a continuous length this avoids installing and sealing fittings throughout the building and is quicker to install.

For either system air is delivered or extracted through discreet ceiling outlets with adjustable flow restrictors to allow the room to be maintained at the perfect ambient temperature for the environment.

We are experienced and registered installers of MVHR systems and have invested in the very best test equipment to ensure all our systems are going to perform correctly. If you are looking for information on or are ready to install an MVHR system we are happy to offer you free advice.

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