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Air Conditioning

We are experienced installers of air conditioning systems; we are Fujitsu approved air conditioning engineers having undergone in house training on installation repair and fault finding. We are F gas registered using the latest equipment to protect both your system and the environment.

While Fujitsu is our main product we also offer air conditioning systems by Mitsubishi, LG, Panasonic, and Toshiba. We will advise what unit would best meet your needs - often providing two or three options for a range of budgets

Single Split Systems

Designed for offices, restaurants, shops and in the home, these units can be mounted in any desired location from floor to ceiling. With remote control operation the units heat as well as cool. The heat mode being very efficient and providing a low cost heating option. Very quiet in operation, they are the ideal unit to install in a new built environment as well as retrospectively fitted.

  • Light weight and compact
  • Flat front panel blends easily with any interior décor
  • Automatic ‘sweep’ air discharge flow for better air distribution
  • Consume 30% less energy than non inverter units

Multi Split Systems

Usually installed in commercial applications these units can supply several rooms/offices etc from one external unit and over a longer distance.

Three types of outlets can be fitted on floor, wall or ceiling of most commercial premises and are very unobtrusive and quiet in operation. Again they are also offer an inexpensive heating mode.

  • Ultra quiet 360 degree flow ceiling cassette
  • 23 different air flow patterns possible
  • Fresh air intake option
  • Energy saving
  • 7 day scheduled timing

MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

What Is A Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

As our modern homes and buildings become more energy efficient they also become more airtight so we introduce forced ventilation through a ductwork system running continuously from low energy fans to provide the fresh air we require to live comfortably and to reduce moisture and mould forming within the building, this works alongside an extraction system removing moist warm air from kitchens, bathrooms, showers etc. The ventilation unit filters the incoming air and removes any pollutants and insects.

By using the extracted air from the wet room areas the warm stale air is continuously drawn out and filtered back through to the ventilation unit where the heat from this air is exchanged with the fresh incoming air.

As the clean fresh air is warmed by the exhausted damp stale air up to 97% of the heat can be recovered which will be off set against heating costs and will reduce heating bills. These systems help the property to a higher energy efficiency rating and comply with current building regulations.

The Benefits of MVHR

  • Constant clean, fresh filtered air reduces symptoms for asthma and allergy suffers
  • Improves indoor air quality throughout
  • Contributes to the energy efficiency of the home
  • Enhances heat distribution
  • Reduces/ eliminates surface condensation
  • Eliminates mould and mildew.
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Removes musty odours

How Is It Installed?

A MVHR system is a bespoke design for each specific property and should only be installed by an approved installer. Two types of system can be used depending on the building and its design, either ridgid ductwork installed as a ‘branch’ system with each room connected to one common duct, alternatively a ‘radial’ system using individual semi ridgid ductwork supplied from central manifolds in a continuous length this avoids installing and sealing fittings throughout the building and is quicker to install.

For either system air is delivered or extracted through discreet ceiling outlets with adjustable flow restrictors to allow the room to be maintained at the perfect ambient temperature for the environment.

We are experienced and registered installers of MVHR systems and have invested in the very best test equipment to ensure all our systems are going to perform correctly. If you are looking for information on or are ready to install an MVHR system we are happy to offer you free advice.

Photo-Voltaic Systems

EGE are MCS approved, solar panel installers and renewable energy specialists with over eleven years’ experience in the UK renewable energy industry. If you are installing a heat pump or an industrial or retail business then PV still makes a lot of financial sense by reducing your energy bills through on site generation during daylight hours reducing your energy bills.

We are now offering the latest battery storage systems to provide power when you need it most whatever time of the day. Increasing the return on your investment most systems; domestic or commercial have a payback period of seven years.

We provide professional consultancy, design and installation services for both domestic and commercial projects.

We undertake solar PV installations throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. If you are considering a renewable energy or solar panel installation then we are here to help and advise you.

Energy Saving Heating Systems

We also install both commercial and domestic conventional heating systems all feature energy saving efficiency. Whatever your requirement you will benefit through the experience we have from undertaking installations for Local Authority and Housing Association owned sheltered care homes and multiple occupancy buildings such as flats, all of these installations have achieved greatly reduced running costs and carbon emissions along with increased comfort.

The team here at EGE is all time served C&G engineers, experienced in both domestic and commercial work, ensuring that we can get the job right first time.

Underfloor Heating

Underfoor heating (UFH) runs at lower temperatures than radiators, making it ideal with heat pumps, which generate lower temperatures (the lower the temperature the higher the efficiency). The design takes into consideration the heat source, as Underfloor heating can also be installed with a conventional boiler.

Underfloor heating is very effective in heating buildings with high ceilings such as barn conversions, commercial office or retail units or older style properties, because the heat rises from the entire floor occupants feel very comfortable.

Underfloor Heating is also available in overlay systems using insulated boards that the pipe sits in, some of these systems are as low as 12mm.

We offer a full design service along with honest advice; we also stock most components through bulk buying which helps keep our prices competitive.

We have years of experience with the design and installation of underfloor heating systems, our systems feature MLCP pipe this pipe is formed by bonding layers of plastic and aluminum the result is a highly versatile pipe that can be formed into and retain complex shapes. Once the pipe is laid, fixed and connected to the distribution manifolds we pressure test the entire installation and provide a signed certificate for the client or agent to witness, this provides peace of mind for all parties.

The systems are controlled by sleek and stylish touchscreen thermostats in a choice of colours to match your style.

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